Cigars in Vilnius – Cigar Room

Its not only the taste, strength and aroma of the cigar which are important, but also the environment. The latter must be exceptional – breathing with luxury, exquisiteness, comfort and charm…

It is these reasons, along with the unconditional love for the highest-quality cigars in various parts of the world, including Lithuania, that encouraged us to open the doors of the Cigar Room. It’s an environment meant for people who love cigars, enjoy the good life and seek to have an unforgettable time and dive into the world of luxury…


Working Hours

Monday 16:00-23:00
Tuesday 16:00-23:00
Wednesday 16:00-00:00
Thursday 16:00-00:00
Friday 16:00-02:00
Saturday 16:00-02:00
Sunday 16:00-00:00

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